Life without US cloud services


I’m not creating this list because I have something against the US or because I hate the cloud (or to get on a watchlist). I’m creating it because my work/hobbies. Also for economy, access to resources (unlimited dropbox!), performance (keep things local) interest in FLOSS and control of my data.


As Snowden showed the world how much interest NSA takes in foregners, I’ve started migrating my data away from the US cloud. This isn’t easy, as you would know. Here are the alternatives I’ve moved to.

  • Dropbox -> ownCloud (not production ready for large collections)
  • Google search ->
  • Google contact sync -> ownCloud with DAVdroid
  • Google calendar sync -> DAVdroid
  • Google todo-list -> ownCloud with aCal (no offline use yet =(
  • Google mail -> I use Runbox, but I’m sure there are lots of non-US, security consious e-mail providers. You have to pay for e-mail, but it’s not much.
  • Google Hangouts -> Self hosted Jabber server. But there are public servers listed on
  • Google Reader -> Tiny tiny RSS or ownCloud
  • Image sharing (facebook, g+, flickr) -> ownCloud, but not perfect yet.

Edit: updated list 20131211